Project objective

Our effort will be focused on the development of a comprehensive toolkit to include all three project outputs. The collaboration between primary schools,  academic institutions, and the publishing house will not only contribute to the high quality of the outputs. Still, it will also ensure that our target groups will use the resources that are extensively tested and evaluated to ensure maximum applicability, usefulness, and potential for further exploitation.


During 26 months of the existence of the project LIRE, we will work on the following intellectual outputs:

LIRE Toolkit for Teachers (O1)

A ready-to-use methodological resource for EFL (English as a foreign language) teachers on how to introduce, apply and benefit from the Extensive Reading approach to enhance their students’ language competences, communication skills, critical thinking, and creativity.

LIRE Practical Workshops for Teacher Training Providers (O2)

A training programme for teachers which is more focused on the didactic side of applying extensive reading in class and suggests a whole strategy on how to train teachers on ER implementation, as well as measuring and evaluating the competences acquired by the pupils.

LIRE Online Platform (O3)

An open education resource which that will allow for the training to teachers and training providers to be delivered online and interactively. It will also provide useful reference materials for trainers and teachers willing to expand their knowledge on ER. Extra activities to be performed in class will be published with methodological instructions.

We will also conduct one joint staff training event in Poland.